A tiny framework for creating web apps in Ceylon



You can interrupt your handler immediately using the halt() function:

shared String findAuthor(Integer id) {
    return authorDao.findById(id)?.name
           else halt(404, "Author not found");

In this case, if the author cannot be found, halt() will interrupt the handler, therefore bypassing any return value, and gyokuro will return a 404 response containing the given body.

halt() can be used anywhere in the handler:

shared void newAuthor(String name) {
    if (authorAlreadyExists(name)) {
    value author = ...
If your handler contains try/catch blocks, be aware that halt() throws an exception under the hood, so make sure you’re not catching it.


The redirect() helper is very similar to halt(): it interrupts the current handler, and asks the browser to redirect to another URL:

shared void login(String username, String password) {
    if (connect(username, password)) {
    // show the form again...

Optionally, you can specify an HTTP code for the response. By default, it is 303 (“See other”).

Like its friend halt(), redirect() throws an exception to interrupt the handler, so try not to catch it 😉.

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