A tiny framework for creating web apps in Ceylon

gyokuro 0.3

This is the complete documentation for gyokuro 0.3.

What’s new in 0.3?

Backward incompatible changes

  • filters have been reworked, their new signature is now:
shared alias Filter => Anything(Request, Response, Anything(Request, Response));

The most important change is that each filter is now responsible for calling the next filter in the chain. It is thus possible for a filter to do things before and after handlers have been called:

void myFilter(Request req, Response resp, Anything(Request, Response) next) {

    // You could even provide other instances of Request or Response!
    next(req, resp);

PATCH method

gyokuro now supports the HTTP PATCH method, which is “used to apply partial modifications to a resource”.


You can now stop the application by calling the stop() method. Any further attempt to restart it will be blocked. Thank you @xkr47 for your contribution!

Application status listener

The run() function now accepts a Status listener, that allows you to run code right after the application has been started (remember, run() is a blocking operation 😀).

Support for WebSockets

It is now possible to configure WebSockets using the websocket function. See the WebSockets section for more information.

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